Item of the Week–Tampons and pads

I hate when people are so coy and call these items “feminine hygiene products”. Americans can be so Victorian about the weirdest things. Nevermind that there are tons of high school girls out there wearing short shorts that show their butt cheeks and skimpy little tank tops. But let’s not shock anyone by saying tampon. That would be so scandalous!

I don’t want to get too graphic but this is not the week to put off buying your preparedness items. I don’t want to imagine a scenario where I did not have a large supply of these items. Ew.

Think how many tampons and/or pads you’ll need for at least two cycles (3-4 months would be better, just in case). And keep in mind daughters too. Your little nine-year-old may need this stuff earlier than you think.

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4 thoughts on “Item of the Week–Tampons and pads

  1. So not to be too much TMI, but today I wrote a blog post about the items I always procrastinate buying (namely dog food and gas). But I must admit that tampons are also on the list. I hate buying them. Yet when I need them, I always have to run out and get them.

  2. The one TRULY GLORIOUS THING about older age is that one NEVER HAS TO CONSIDER THIS PROBLEM AGAIN!!!!!!!! 15 cheers and a 21-gun salute!!

  3. I went to a Homemaking meeting (back when it was called Homemaking) on emergency packs. The (50+ year old) sister taking the class enthused over the benefits of having sanitary pads in your kit "In case somebody gashes open their arm or has hemorrhaging from an injury".

    "Or," I suggested "someone has their period."

    "Hmm. Yes. I guess that would be helpful. Particularly if a poor sister has a baby at that time and needs something afterwards."

    I cannot for the life of me remember what she said after that, I was too busy thinking about someone having a baby being reliant on a 72hr kit…

    Thanks for the reminder!

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