This Week’s Item–Water

I know, I know, we already did water. Twice. But you guys need to understand how important this is! Especially in this hot weather. You simply cannot have too much water.

Don’t put this off. Get at least one flat (a flat is one of those big old packs with a couple dozen 20 oz. bottles) of water bottles per person. I know that seems like a lot but water is cheap. This won’t break the bank for anyone.
Get some water.
That’s an order.
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2 thoughts on “This Week’s Item–Water

  1. "That is an order… not a suggestion. " -classic Lorie

    Fyi – I finally bought two 55 gallon plastic drums. They were $10 each on craigslist and smell of pepsi. They are now on our back porch full of pepsi scented water. Best food storage ever.

  2. Mom was supposed to help me empty out and fill up my big blue water barrel when she was here, but we forgot. DAng. I have no idea how to use that thing. I know it comes with this big long hosey-pipe thingy, but I don't have any idea how to use it.

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