Hi, my name is Jennie and I’m a sugarholic


I’m starting to really appreciate the body I’ve been given. Not in a foxy-sense (although, thank you genetics for long legs!) but in a health-sense. As I get older and more of my friends struggle with bad knees, bad eyesight, diabetes, and cancer, I am really starting to hand it to myself, physically. Yay, body, for not having food allergies! Yay for boobs for just being big and not cancerous! Yay, uterus for doing your job without giving me too much trouble! Yay, hormones for not freaking out and ruining my happy mood most of the time!

But I feel like my body is a time-bomb. It’s only a matter of time until things start getting ugly, literally and figuratively. My diet certainly is not helping all. Again, I credit my body for taking all of the abuse I’ve dished out over the years by eating poorly (Five fruits and vegetables PER DAY?? I thought it was five per month!)

I actually had a spiritual experience several weeks ago where a voice truly spoke to me and told me to stop worrying about losing weight and worry about becoming healthy. Whether it was God or my subconcious, I don’t know. I just know it wasn’t me because I would never tell myself that. I’m rather proud of being able to eat anything without feeling sluggish or terrible. Good ol’ body just takes it in stride and keeps humming along.

So when That Voice spoke I had to listen. I was in denial for a long time. Baking is my favorite! What am I supposed to do now? Sugar isn’t bad for me like it is for other people! Blah, blah, blah.

But I am an addict.

Maybe it’s hereditary like alcoholism (thanks, Mom!). Or not.

I just know sugar can’t be the sun my planet revolves around anymore. So I have given up all soda (even diet), white flour, and most refined sugars (which is, like, everything in the universe that I love). I didn’t want to mention this on my blog for a while–nothing like bombing in front of everyone–but it’s been almost two months now and I think the change to a healthier diet is becoming permanent.

I also didn’t want to be one of those people who snidely announces to anyone nearby they don’t eat [fill in the blank]. As if avoiding certain foods like meat or gluten or non-organic produce is somehow more noble. I was at Whole Foods last week and I wanted to scream, “I’m not like you people! I eat Pringles and Nutter Butters!” But I hung my head in shame, realizing that I am now a Healthy Eater too.

The question I get most often is, “Don’t you feel so much better now?” No, actually I do not. I felt perfectly healthy before so there is really no difference. If anything, I get more tired since I can’t buoy myself with caffeine every afternoon when I hit the wall at 3:30.

I haven’t lost much weight (hey, nuts and avacados are healthy!) but I am very proud of myself for doing something I’ve never had the courage to before.* I know that I’m treating my body well finally, and as I get older it’s going to matter and more.

*I do let myself have two cheats per week. I know that I will totally flake out and go on a binge if I don’t get to splurge at all.

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  1. So what, then, is keeping you going if you don't like eating w/o sugar/flour/caffeine and you don't even feel better?

  2. I know it's time to be a wise steward over what i've been given. Besides, once my body poops out it will be too late to eat well, right?

  3. I am convinced that my no soda and whole grains diet is why I haven't gotten diabetes yet because my family genetics and weight issues (which are now my weight issues) aren't helping. My brother has diabetes and my sister is pre-diabetic. Yay for you for taking care of your health. You have 7 people who need you to be healthy and strong for many years to come.

    BTW I saw your BYUTV appearance. You did great and I thought it was a great show. What did the non- LDS bloggers think about being on BYU television?

  4. You're being motivated by the promise of a future reward (or perhaps more accurately, the hope of a delayed catastrophe) rather than the immediate reward (sugar! caffeine!). Postponing a reward is so, I dunno, grown up and mature and adult.

    Which would explain why I have a mostly empty bag of chocolate covered cinnamon bears in the top drawer of my desk.

    You might find some interesting justification for your very simple diet (not in the "I'm on a diet" sense, but more like "the diet of the average American LDS woman includes five gallons of Diet Coke or Dr Pepper each month") in the No-S diet. Goofy name, but its premise is the most simple, livable, and common sense(ical?) that I have encountered.

  5. I'm completely impressed that "jw" has chocolate covered cinnamon bears IN HER DESK. If I had a bag, they'd be ON MY THIGHS.

    go healthy. I may try it some day. Right now I'd still settle for skinny.

  6. Props to you. So far, as long as I keep exercising, my metabolism has been okay. But I also feel like some day all the sugar I'm addicted to is going to cause a system crash. Pie, cake, donuts, cookies, cupcakes, cobblers, Nutella, what would I do without Them? (Yes, I capitalized that on purpose

  7. we gave up refined sugars for lent. It was hard–it is in EVERYTHING. Luckily we have Trader Joes–which helps on the treats department and then we found some cereals that didn't have any.

    So I feel your pain–kinda, because we bailed on it.

    And also I had Dr. Pepper this morning–I'll enjoy it more next time, while thinking of you.

    p.s. making home made whipped cream with blue agave is pretty tasty.

  8. Way to go Jennie! Cutting out the sugar and going the healthy route is tough at times, but so much better for you in the long run.

  9. I can so relate. I wish I had done this at your age. Now, I am starting to feel the effects of my unhealthy living. Sugar and caffeine are my BFFs though. What would I do without them? I am tired of all the processed foods and trying to rid my life of them. I find that if I have to actually make something sweet when I have a craving usually my laziness will calm it down. Course there was that bag of chocolate chips the other night….

  10. I'm impressed. I think about doing this all of the time but I need some help figuring out what I would eat instead! (This is my plea that you will be sharing ideas with us!!) I have a husband that thinks living longer isn't worth giving up the foods he loves because who wants to live to be old. That is not helping my cause either. I worry about giving my kids cancer and not teaching them how to really be healthy eaters.

  11. I am one of those Whole Foods types so you might not like this baking recipe as much as I do but it's my current fave and just happens to have no refined sugar. The 1/4 c tofu was a hassle because then I felt obligated to find something to do with the other 11 oz of tofu in the package which isn't my favorite thing to figure out. I switched to using nonfat greek yogurt and they taste the same. Saturday for the cherry cardamom ones I made I used unsweetened coconut milk I found at Trader Joe's instead of soy milk. Couldn't taste it though because I baked them in the oven with a cookie sheet full of bacon. The smoky bacon flavor made up for the disappointment that they didn't have a hint of coconut like I was hoping. http://www.vegetariantimes.com/recipes/9451?section=

  12. How great! Healthy for the win.

    I really like this blog for healthy treats–you should check it out. I recommend the peanut butter cups and the black bean chocolate cake. 😀


  13. I gave up Diet Coke and I was so bummed. I miss it. Not the caffiene, I can drink diet caffiene free and feel fine. Its the fizz, the ahhhh factor. And sparking water doesn't cut it. Seriously. Anyhow, I cheated a couple of days ago and it felt great and horrible at the same time. I felt like I was unfaithful to myself but it tasted so good. So from here on out I am deciding to give myself two cheats a week like you. Then it won't be a battle of will everynite between me and the fridge. Great job!
    From California,

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