Item of the week–Band-aids

Have you ever run out of band-aids? It’s such a pain (Haha, pain! Get it?). We’re right in the middle of skinned-knee season so your supplies might be running low. I know mine are.

If you have small children then you probably go through these things like water. When I had much younger children I used to argue with them about whether they did, in fact. need a band-aid. The kids rarely did but I objected to giving them one for non-legitimate injuries. Now I’ve smartened up and have realized that the sooner an “injured” kid gets a band-aid, the sooner she shuts up. Is $2.88 really that much to spend on peace and quiet?

So lets stock up on kid and adult sized Band-aids this week. And grab a tube or two of Neosporin while you’re at it.

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