I am flexing my karmic muscles

Dear Universe,I am practicing The Secret. I am willing myself to win this trip to Paris. Because wouldn’t it be awesome to take my baby girl there for her 16th birthday? My only question is this: What if I’m practicing The Secret and someone else is also practicing The Secret… Read More

Item of the Week–Broth

This week we will be buying broth. Broth is the middle child of cooking. Always overlooked, never the star, but important nontheless. I use broth in about half of the entrees and side dishes that I cook. Usually chicken but sometimes beef or vegetable. Broth is just one of those… Read More

Rules of Summer

I’m really racking my brains, people, trying to figure out what to do/not do with my kids this summer. (TV? No TV? When? Schoolwork? Swimming Lessons? Breakfast at a set time? Or is my house going to be a restaurant this summer?) I really would love to hear if you… Read More

Item of the Week–Batteries

Back in February, it got really cold here in Texas. Don’t roll your eyes! It was actually 13ยบ one morning. Because of the temps, most of the state did rolling blackouts to keep up with the power demands. I didn’t know this and was completely disconcerted to be right in… Read More

Turning into your mother

Today at Segullah I’m discussing the notion of becoming more like our mothers. Is it unavoidable? Is it a good thing? Bad? Come over and comment! Don’t be shy! By Hildie | Filed under Uncategorized Add a Comment Share

Item of the Week–Medicine

I can’t believe I forgot to post this! I’ve been so busy posting about silly things that I completely forgot! This week we’re buying medicine–just the over-the-counter stuff: Advil, allergy meds, stomach meds. Anything that your family takes on a regular basis. Don’t forget the baby Tylenol and other such… Read More

Item of the Week–Toilet Paper

Have you ever noticed that toilet paper is never called toilet paper in commercials or at the store or even on the product packaging? It’s always given some sort of Victorian name like “bath tissue”. Because our delicate natures could never handle hearing the word toilet in public. Anyhoo, do… Read More

Item of the Week–Water

THE most important item in your storage. Get some. Today. Or tomorrow. But do get some. We all know by now that if you don’t have water you will die. The end. So this is not the kind of thing you want to put off. This is what I have… Read More