Item of the Week–Toilet Paper

Have you ever noticed that toilet paper is never called toilet paper in commercials or at the store or even on the product packaging? It’s always given some sort of Victorian name like “bath tissue”. Because our delicate natures could never handle hearing the word toilet in public. Anyhoo, do I even need to explain the horror of running out of this? Nothing like the panic of not having anything to wipe with.

I realize that this is a bulky item that can be difficult to store. We keep it on the tippy-top shelf in our garage. When I need some I have to get the extension pole and shove the toilet paper package until it falls off the side of the shelf. Better that than having to use leaves from my backyard!

I would recommend at least 10 rolls per person. Again, think of the alternatives if you don’t buy any. Better yet, don’t think of the alternatives. Just buy a bunch.

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6 thoughts on “Item of the Week–Toilet Paper

  1. Reminds me of the old adage:

    "When you're sitting on the john
    and your toilet paper's gone
    be a man: use your hands."

  2. So this is the funniest thing. Your comment on my blog led me here, but I had the feeling that it wasn't my first visit. So I checked your tags, clicked on Baby Names, and sure enough the venn diagram popped up. Someone I follow on Twitter (Carina I think) posted a link to that page and I loved it (even passed it on)! Small world! Thanks for the comment and for pointing out that Tamsin is actually a legitimate name. I've since publicly conceded 🙂

  3. Ten rolls would last me, hmmmm, five weeks if I'm lucky! I use TP for everything: Kleenex, paper towels, spider traps, band-aids. Good stuff!

    I just read a hilarious book called ANGLO FILES, by Sarah Lyall, in which she quotes a duchess who says the word "toilet" is worse than the F-word. So she calls it Lavatory paper, and slaps her kids mouths if they use the T-word.

  4. Finally stopping by from UBP11 to get some toilet paper. Thanks for coming by Tales from the Motherhood and Confessions of a Former Child Actress!

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