Fess-up Friday–Under the Sofa Edition

I just swept under my sofa. This is what I found:


I have to see the silver lining here: a complete pair of shoes?!? I can’t recall two of the same shoes ever ending up under the sofa at the exact same time. These happen to be water shoes that haven’t been used since, um, well, it’s been a while. And they don’t currently fit anybody. But still . . . .

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6 thoughts on “Fess-up Friday–Under the Sofa Edition

  1. I HATE that our SOfa doesn't sit on the ground for that exact reason. There are ALWAYS shoes, dishes (even though we aren't supposed to eat on the couch), regular junk and toys. And a LOT of all of the above!

  2. I'm surprised that's ALL you found under there! (been missing any children lately?)

    If you really want to start a conversation, ask your readers to fess up to what's under their own beds! For me: power tools, food storage, electrical supplies, assorted hardware, and a magnificent case of 200 drill bits for all occasions. (under MY couch I have 150 lbs of wheat, a roll of duct tape, and –LO!– that missing remote control!)

  3. Luckily it's carpeted around my sofa so stuff doesn't migrate there as easily. But I still find a good amount of shoes (mostly mine!) under there when I look.

  4. Love it. We've been missing a clog for two weeks now and it's killing me! Yes, a complete pair of shoes is something to celebrate. And your cake in a jar is darling! Looks delicious!

  5. Yikes. With all the cleaning out I've been doing around here, I've got a third stall in my garage full…

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