Item of the Week–Baby and Pet Products

This week we’ll be working on items that get overlooked a lot. Which is not good because who wants to run out of diapers or kitty food? Not good.

If you have a baby I would recommend getting extra diapers, wipes or formula.

If you have a pet I would recommend dog/cat food, kitty litter.

Get as much as you can afford. You might have pets and a baby. In that case you may want to spread it out all month since these things can be a little expensive. Just don’t forget the tiniest residents of the house (or maybe you have a Newfoundland that is bigger than you). Either way, let’s plan ahead for them. If you have neither, then buy yourself an extra candy bar and call it good!

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2 thoughts on “Item of the Week–Baby and Pet Products

  1. Uh, oh. The 4yo was sitting on my lap when I watched the When Harry Met Sally sequel and he says he can't get that scary stuff out of his head. (I did turn it off, but not fast enough.) Hopefully Toy Story 3 will do the trick.

    Glad you had a fun cruise.

    How did you hang your tissue paper flowers for the party? We used masking tape and they kept falling down.

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