I don’t want anyone to die of jealousy, but I fell asleep last night at 9:30 ( I keep having really late nights that finally have caught up with me) and slept the entire night until 7 am.  Slept like a dead person. My family must have been very concerned,… Read More

Mr. Guiness and Mr. Ripley

I don’t know who, exactly, these two gentlemen are, but their legacies are the most popular topic around our house. You may have a vague remembrance of Ripley’s Believe it or Not and The Guiness Book of World Records. I remember the former being a somewhat creepy and perplexing show… Read More


We had cousins from Mister’s family here last week.  You couldn’t pick a more diverse-looking group of children. Here we have York, India and Jane.  Jane is about a foot taller than York even though she’s a few months younger (India is both the oldest and the shortest).  Jane hates… Read More

Oh Mom!

My sister has written a great post about my super crazy/funny mom and her Star Trek obsession.  Read it here. By Hildie | Filed under Uncategorized 5 Comments Share

Food storage item of the week

Here’s this week’s item over to the right on the sidebar. Happy shopping!  I’m so proud of everybody who got their oats: Jenn D. Lisa P.  Mindi Harlene Carolyn Lonna Arianne had hers already so I guess she should get extra applause for being on the ball to begin with.… Read More

You have GOT to be kidding me!

In case you haven’t noticed I have had several babies.  There is a lot of stuff that you need to buy when you have a baby.  With each child I realized that parents actually need fewer things than they think they do.  But that is not the message that parents… Read More


This is your last day to get your oats! (Unless you shop on Sunday; in which case you probably wouldn’t really be too concerned about the whole food storage thing.) Don’t put this off til next week!  You’ll be sorry if you do!  (I’m pretty much the queen of procrastination… Read More

Come on Harlene!

(That’s supposed to be sung to the tune of “come on Eileen”.)  Who are you?  I can’t link to you at all?  I love your witty comments but I don’t know the first thing about you.  Fess up!   P.S. Did you buy your oats yet? By Hildie | Filed… Read More


What: giveaway featuring chocolate Who: my sister When: pretty soon How: go to her blog and post a comment.   Why: She needs to boost her blog-esteem.  She’s witty and beautiful like me (it runs in the family), so you’ll like her a lot.  By Hildie | Filed under Uncategorized… Read More

When did I see my father?

Mister and I went to see a movie last night called When Did You Last See Your Father? starring the still-dreamy-after-all-these-years Colin Firth. It’s a small, quiet English film about a man and his father.  The father is quickly dying of cancer, and Colin Firth spends most of the time reflecting… Read More