5 thoughts on “Oh Mom!

  1. I just love those stories about your mom! Of course, I can love them, because it’s YOUR mom. I still love describing to people how your mom used to (still does?) goes to sleep. Waking up in that apartment seeing all of her paraphanalia on, I thought you were kidding when you first described it…

  2. Great post by your sister! I love your mom stories! Heading to Sam’s in the next day or two to get my PB!

  3. Dear Children,

    We can’t ALL have as much fun being alive as I do.

    I wrote a page of scintillating and pointed repartee to my unappreciative offspring, but, alas, it became lost in the electronic translation (from Martian. Or was it Vulcan?)

    The Deathless Grandma Lorie

  4. Oh, good point, Tiff. I need to do a post about Mom’s sleeping paraphernalia too. With pictures, of course!

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