We had cousins from Mister’s family here last week.  You couldn’t pick a more diverse-looking group of children.

Here we have York, India and Jane.  Jane is about a foot taller than York even though she’s a few months younger (India is both the oldest and the shortest).  Jane hates being the tallest person in 5th grade but hopefully she’ll learn to work it when she’s older. Add in the blonde hair, blue eyes, and super fantastic skinny metabolism and she’ll have it made.

Then we have Arabella, Daisy and Corinne. They got along so well. Arabella was in heaven having girls her age to play with constantly. Incidentally Daisy and Corinne are sisters, though Daisy is adopted from Guatemala and Corinne from Korea.

It seems pretty quiet and lonely around here now.  I like my peace and quiet (relatively speaking of course) but the kids are counting down the days until Christmas when we get to see the cousins again.

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3 thoughts on “Cousins

  1. I like having James’ brother living here just for the cousins that Gwen can play with. There is something really nice about seeing all of them playing together and entertaining themselves that I really enjoy.

    That is quite a countdown that must be going on at your house, are you going to make a paper chain to keep them excited about it?

  2. I can’t believe how grown up India looks in that picture! And Daisy has really blossomed. She’s so pertty now. I’m glad your kids got to see their other, less important, cousins. 😉

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