Mr. Guiness and Mr. Ripley

I don’t know who, exactly, these two gentlemen are, but their legacies are the most popular topic around our house. You may have a vague remembrance of Ripley’s Believe it or Not and The Guiness Book of World Records. I remember the former being a somewhat creepy and perplexing show hosted by Jack Palance.  I remember Guiness being a thick little paperback featuring things like “tallest man” and “longest fingernails”.  

If you have reluctant readers in your house or any children (particularly boys) over the age of eight you must run–not walk–to the store to buy these books today.  I got mine at Costco where they seem to be found quite often. These new versions are big hardback books featuring (mostly weird/gruesome) pictures with long captions for each.  

My sons take these to school from time to time and they are big men on campus each time they do.  It’s amazing to me how many hundreds of hours my children have spent looking at these bizarre books.  They are just the ticket for a boring summer day (not that you’re having any of those.)

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3 thoughts on “Mr. Guiness and Mr. Ripley

  1. Can I twist your arm to buying me one the next time you go to Costco? It sounds like something my son would enjoy.

    You cracked me up when you jumped in the pool last night, clothes and all. You’re hilarious! I’m glad you joined us–it was so much fun. Enjoy my dry clothes while I’m gone.

  2. It appears that silly human tricks never get old. I guess that these books will be around for a long time. I don’t ever remember getting into them, but I do know that my brothers really liked them.

  3. i wish i would have seen this when i was trying to get katie to read when she was in the third grade–i bribed her one summer and told her i would pay her 5 dollars for every book she read. even easy ones.

    she earned 10 dollars.

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