Food storage item of the week

Here’s this week’s item over to the right on the sidebar. Happy shopping!  I’m so proud of everybody who got their oats:

Jenn D.
Lisa P. 
Arianne had hers already so I guess she should get extra applause for being on the ball to begin with.
Tamara, Chanfandamily, Jori, Mia, Whitney?  Did you get yours?  Anybody I forgot? Any lurkers?
Tiffster, are you doing this?
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12 thoughts on “Food storage item of the week

  1. i’m so glad that i got on the “good girls” list.

    you KNOW that usually doesn’t happen.

    i heart peanut butter so this week is easy. no freaking at 1.5 jars pp here–i’m taking it up a notch to TWO!!

  2. Yikes I totally had no idea I would be called out for my slackerness. That got my pants on fire. I am going to the grocery store right now to pick up oats and peanut butter. The pb will be easy because that is one of those items I naturally stock up on, 1.5 per person easy peasy.

  3. I definitely need peanut butter. Even though we don’t eat a ton at our house, it’s a good high protein, high fat, sweet food that will certainly provide a break from wheat and pasta should it come to that.

  4. I have been a slacker, but I will buck up Jennie. I kept telling myself to do it, but it never made it to my grocery list. I will repent and put it on…peanut butter and oats. I’ll keep you posted.

  5. Yes, Tiffster is doing this. On the sly though. Jared is thinks we’ve spent enough on food storage this year, despite the fact we probably couldn’t eat very well off of it. Thanks for the motivation!

  6. Yes, Mister doesn’t know that we bought a solar oven and two cases of canned cheese and butter (don’t ask!) Better safe than sorry!

  7. All done. I got my oats and my peanut butter. And holy crap, I never realized how expensive peanut butter it. Why don’t we add Nutella to the list as well. I love that stuff. Harlene was on the right track!

  8. Whitney,
    If you’re like me the Nutella would, how shall i say, be rotated out of storage a little prematurely?

    Good work so far everybody!

  9. I came over from Mia’s blog. (I’m her mom-in-law.) This is a great idea — thanks for the reminder. Check me off for oats and pb.

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