This is your last day to get your oats! (Unless you shop on Sunday; in which case you probably wouldn’t really be too concerned about the whole food storage thing.)

Don’t put this off til next week!  You’ll be sorry if you do!  (I’m pretty much the queen of procrastination and it really never pays off.  Nothing but frustration.)
Who’s got their oats already?  Yay for you! Post a comment and we’ll all praise you. Well, maybe not but I, for one, will be proud of you.
Snaps for Lisa P. and Mindi since I know they bought theirs. I’ve got mine too. Anybody else?
P.S. I also have eight more subscribers than last time I checked.  Way to make my morning!
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5 thoughts on “Reminder

  1. oats, check. James would rather starve than eat oatmeal, but at least the rest of us will be alright.

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