Catch me while you can!

Take a look around. This blog as you know it will be evolving soon. The Blog Fairy has worked her magic and the grand unveiling of my new blog (at a new location, no less!) will be happening presently. I have a cute new picture, courtesy of The Lucky Red… Read More

Face this!

I finally have a Facebook page for this blog. Go ahead and like me. All the cool kids are doing it. Or rather, they will once they read this post. By Hildie | Filed under Blogging 1 Comment Share

Uh, sorry folks

My computer has been freaking out lately. No, “freaking out” is incorrect. It’s more like my computer has been having seizures. It doesn’t like the internet most of the time. But then sometimes, it will let me get on the internet for a day or two. But then for five… Read More

Baby, I’m a . . . STAR!

Well, not really. Not even close. But I did get to do a TV show yesterday for BYU TV. It was all about “Mommy Bloggers” (their choice of words, not mine). I represented the semi-dorky, unknown, small-potatoes blogger. While the other guests (Mindy from The Mommy Blog, Daphne from Cool… Read More

Don’t. Hate. Me.

All right you guys.  I try very hard not to be picky about what other people do.  Growing up I was notorious for correcting other people’s grammar.  Yes, it’s both obnoxious and unkind, and really who cares? If you want to drop the -ly off of your adverbs, be my… Read More

Fun with Pioneer Woman

(Melinda, Me, Jeannie, Cheryl, Chelon and Sara) Pioneer Woman came rolling into Austin last night and we had a rip-roaring good time at her book signing (since you read my blog, you are most likely a female and, well, you just seem like the type who would like Pioneer Woman.… Read More

You’re my best friend, right?

Have you seen this desk?  It’s pretty much the coolest thing around and I want one really badly.  You have no idea how many crafting supplies I have stashed in various parts of my house.  Wouldn’t it be nice to put them all in one place? Well, there is a… Read More

Going all the way

You remember my post about the phases of blog relationships?  Well, this week I had a chance to go all the way with Jennifer, the (soon to be) Baby Making Machine. She was as cute and funny and darling as she is on her blog.  It was wonderful and I… Read More