Catch me while you can!

Take a look around. This blog as you know it will be evolving soon. The Blog Fairy has worked her magic and the grand unveiling of my new blog (at a new location, no less!) will be happening presently.

I have a cute new picture, courtesy of The Lucky Red Hen (who is sort of a magician considering how I looked in real life that day.) If you’re in Seattle, you should check her out!


This shot is oh so appropriate:


I also have my Facebook page here . I really need a few more people to like so it can be a grown-up’s page with its very own name.

I’m trying to get geared up for my life of delicious freedom which will begin at 8:20 on Monday morning. That is the moment when every single one of my children will be at school.

For seven hours.

I plan on dedicating a little more time and devotion to my blog. As well as spinning around in a field of wildflowers shouting, “wheeeeee!”

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7 thoughts on “Catch me while you can!

  1. I can hardly wait! Both new pictures are cute, but then, you're a cute girl. I loved your old one as well.

    7 hours of freedom!?!?! What will you do with it all? (I mean, AFTER you get dizzy in the flowers and fall down)?

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