Fruit–the new chocolate cake!


I mentioned a while ago that I’ve been trying to be healthier. This is a lot different than my usual “I’m only eating healthy until I’m a size six”. (“Healthy” meaning “not as much food”.) I’ve always avoided fruits and veg. I even resisted guacamole because it’s green and seemed too vegetal. How very foolish I’ve been (especially about the guacamole).

But I know that I need to be healthier. The number 40 dances menacingly around my head and stares me down in the mirror. As do his friends Cancer and Diabetes (OK, I got it! I’m middle aged! Shut up already!) I’ve even changed my focus from losing weight to treating my body well. And apart from a frightening sugar-and-soda-fueled bender I went on last week, I’ve been doing a good job.

This is the thing: eating healthy is not cheap. At least that’s the way it seems at first. I happen to love raspberries more than all other fruit combined. I love their perfumey sweetness and they way they are soft but have a little crunch at the end after all the seeds have gotten stuck in your teeth (that is the best!). But unless you live in Oregon in July, raspberries are expensive. But what’s a girl to do? Eat nothing but putrid Red Delicious apples from Walmart?

And then I started to think about all the pop I am not drinking anymore. That’s a lot of money right there once you factor in the trips to 7-11 and Sonic Happy Hours. If you add in Little Debbies, Haagen-Dasz, and runs to Chuy’s for chips, salsa and Creamy Jalapeño dip–well, maybe buying fruit isn’t going to break the bank like I thought it would.

Eating healthier means eating out less too, since it can be tricky trying to find healthier alternatives. Also, I am notsogood at resisting temptation. Like, simply not able. I am a slave to my appetites. And when there is Chicken Piccata on the menu (which contains several sticks of butter, I’m sure) I cannot say no. Nor can I say no to breadsticks, chips and salsa, and chocolate cake. So it’s better for me just to stay out of restaurants altogether.

And, hey, that’s cheap! Even considering I have to buy more food at the grocery store. Restaurants add up fast. If you’ve been putting off eating healthy because it just seems too expensive, think again. I think you’ll be surprised. If I can do it, anybody can.

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4 thoughts on “Fruit–the new chocolate cake!

  1. Salsa counts as several veggies. And chips have corn in them – so really you are hurting your body to NOT eat that addictive stuff! 😉 At least, that's my take on it.

  2. With a family the size of yours, you can take advantage of the local farmers' markets. Most of the sellers will sell you fruit by the half bushel for WAY cheaper than by the pound. I pay 25 dollars for a half bushel of peaches, 20 dollars for a half bushel of apples. Otherwise, I make whatever is the loss leader at the local grocery stores the "fruit of the week."

  3. I had that same thought a month or so ago when I started the South beach Diet and spent $250 at the grocery store for 2 weeks worth of food (of course a lot of it lasted longer than that, but I had to buy that much just to get through those first two weeks). But since I simply could NOT go out to eat because no one serves only lean meats and veggies and nothing else at all to tempt you, I'm sure I earned back at least $100 of that from not eating out. but it sure feels outrageous when your halibut steaks are $14/lb and your avacados are $1 each!

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