Don’t. Hate. Me.

All right you guys.  I try very hard not to be picky about what other people do.  Growing up I was notorious for correcting other people’s grammar.  Yes, it’s both obnoxious and unkind, and really who cares? If you want to drop the -ly off of your adverbs, be my guest (unless you’re my child, then I will correct you til the day I die).  But I just have to say something.  It’s been driving me crazy:

Stop inserting periods in the middle of a sentence!  Because. I . can’t. handle. it. anymore. Yes, I know you are trying to emphasize something.  And that that’s how it should sound if you said it out loud.  But it’s getting very old and very stale. 

Of course, if you want to be old and stale, go right ahead.  This is merely my personal opinion and I’m sure several feathers are being ruffled right this very minute.  But I had to say something.

And now I’ve said it.

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9 thoughts on “Don’t. Hate. Me.

  1. I think people need to add MORE periods….like that…I am the queen of over using the ellipsis…or ellipses.

    You will still go out to lunch with me from time to time…won't you?

  2. I LOVE periods! I don't ALWAYS put them between words but I do sometimes in blog posts! Wait… does all caps bug you too? Sorry! I mean SO. FREAKING. SORRY! hehe! For real, I'll try to stop.

    I don't like Jadalyn anymore. Just Jayda, but we'll see if it sticks. I know I can wait until after she's born but I really like the idea of making this name thing to hang above her crib. I wanna decide in the next month or so if possible! Did you wait until after birth for all of your naming?

  3. Well personally I like all kinds of interesting grammatical variations especially not using periods ever which is my favorite after spelling plural word's with apostrophe's.

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