Going all the way

You remember my post about the phases of blog relationships?  Well, this week I had a chance to go all the way with Jennifer, the (soon to be) Baby Making Machine. She was as cute and funny and darling as she is on her blog.  It was wonderful and I had a great time (hope you did too, Jenn.  Sorry I talked so much!)

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7 thoughts on “Going all the way

  1. haha, I had a blast! You didn’t talk too much! In fact, it made me so happy cause I feel like I do all the talknig in most conversations! It was nice to have someone who could keep up!! So fun!

  2. Oh I see that you are expanding your current circle of friends, how exciting. I am jealous because I am pretty sure that the only people that check my blog I already know.

    Way to go all the way for a new friend.

  3. . . . yes, yes I do. I have her Christmas card from last year. Lucky me!

    And on and on, as the blogging world becomes that much more incestuous.

  4. Lucky you! I ended up not getting ANYONE to come to my blogging bash—it was a devastating blow to me. 🙁

    Having a par-tay and no one comes…

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