Little confessional

Confessions of things I have done recently:

  • I found weevils in my flour, but didn’t throw it out until after I used it to make waffles for my kids.
  •       York: “What are these little black specks in my waffles?”
          Me: “Oh, just some burnt stuff that was stuck to the waffle iron.”
  • I gave away every My Little Pony-related object to Goodwill last Saturday. Without telling my daughter, the pony owner.
  • I didn’t feel like listening to India’s piano lesson last week so I sat in the car and painted my toenails instead.
  • I also told India’s piano teacher that we’re going to be taking a break from piano for a while.  Really I just don’t have the nerve to tell her that she’s a crummy teacher and we’re going to somebody else.
  • I found a Victoria’s Secret catalog in my boys’ bathroom (you know what that means, right? Please don’t make me spell it out for you.)  My first thought was, “phew! at least one of them is heterosexual!”
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    15 thoughts on “Little confessional

    1. Way to up the protein content of your waffles!
      The piano teacher part of me applauds your decision to pedicure.

    2. On my confessional front: I will tell the kids I have no idea where something is, knowing perfectly well I tossed it, after stepping on it for the twelfth time!

    3. P.S.
      I made french toast this morning; cut off the moldy parts of the bread, and egg-dipped the rest

    4. Reminds me of using the chocolate chips in cookies after getting rid of the chips closest to the corner where the mouse nibbled…. Oh, pioneers are we! (“Use it up, wear it out…”)

    5. I got hash browns at the McD’s drive-through while Rose was at gymnastics today, and when she asked me where we’d gone while she was there I said, selecting a portion of the truth “Savers.” When she pointed to the McD’s bag and asked what that was from, I said, “It’s just a bag of garbage” — also technically true. After buckling her in, as I walked around the car I found myself muttering “Lies, lies, lies,” to myself, and then realized the other gymnastics moms could have heard my muttering.

    6. I’ve been known to just pick out weevils and use the flour anyway—my gosh—-you are cooking them, after all!

      And Victoria’s Secret? In this day and age—-it IS relieving to know that they are not gay.

    7. hahaha!! Ok now I can totally picture a voice to this post and it’s even more hilarious!

      Every single one of these is so funny and totally something I can picture myself doing!

      Ok, and I forgot to talk to you about food storage! It’s ok though, I’ve got your number, email, and blog!

    8. The weevils one is the only one that kind of freaks me out. Although I have been known to pick mold off cheese and bread and still use it. Is that almost as bad?

    9. oh. my. HELL.

      that heterosexual comment just made me laugh OUT LOUD! AND THEN SQUEAL!

      you rock, jennnie. hardcore.

    10. i don’t know if i have ever commented, but i felt that this blog deserves a comment!! you are HILARIOUS!!! i love the waffles story…. too funny. i did that with my pasta noodles. no harm done! i actually sold some of l my girls baby dolls at a garage sale without telling them. we are not quite at the victoria secret age, but that is very, very funny! i love your blogs.

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