Uh, I don’t know how to tell this to my Facebook Friends but I don’t care which Disney Princess they are.  Or the results to questionnaires telling me what their ideal cut of diamond is, which 70’s T.V. character they are, the Woman from the Bible they most resemble, or the breakfast cereal/ice cream flavor/zoo animal that is the most “them”.  I don’t even want to read 100 random facts about their life or which places they’ve visited.

If you have something to tell me, or can make me laugh, then I’m all ears.  Or eyes, technically.
O.K. Rant over.
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12 thoughts on “Schmacebook

  1. is that how you really feel? Or are you just saying that. I will say that when I pop on to facebook I am surprised at who is actually doing some of the random “quiz” questionnaire things that they have.

    Like some of the grandmas and peoples step parents that I grew up with, it is just weird.

  2. I’m with you, Babe! But I did enjoy doing that one about all the old loves in my life. Otherwise, I ignore them.

    Also, I feel guilty about spending two hours of my life answering questions that NOBODY cares about, especially me(I).

  3. I am a Facebook virgin. Never even looked it up. That is only because it is blocked from our server. I keep debating on whether or not I want to open that little pandora-type box. Besides, I waste enough time on the computer as it is…

  4. The one that gets me are the “top 5” ones.. my husband can do those surveys all day. And while it drives me crazy, it is also interesting to learn who the top 5 people he’d like to punch in the face are… or his top 5 favorite shoes… I may have learned more non-important, random facts about him in his few months on facebook than in our 4 years of marriage.

  5. I could sit and answer questions re my favorite dream house, my celebrity boyfriend, or what I should have named my kids for hours. It’s better than laundry, however I don’t get the whole mafia thing, and I have to admit I don’t publish most of my quizzes and have hidden the friends I have who do!

  6. oh my GOSH! this is exactly what i said to russ last night–i hate how they just flood my feed. and i think people might be short a few brain cells if they think we really care.

    i guess it might be their first ‘blogging lite’ post.

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