My cute little baby girl (well, one of them) is eight years old today.  I swear she was four years old about ten minutes ago.  Arabella is the lovingest, sweetest, most affectionate child.  She has always been an easy, mellow girl.  Let’s hope that lasts as we enter the murky pre-teen waters.

We love you Arabella!

(I swear her lips are that color naturally)
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5 thoughts on “Arabella

  1. Lets hope that sweet innocence lasts as she enters the hormone-saturated teens, as she is going to be particularly HOT, and is particularly welcoming of affection.

    What a beautiful girl! I miss the little 3 year old who used to help me make pie-crust cookies every Tuesday while you took harp lessons. Where did it go?

  2. Wow, she’s beautiful! Happy Birthday!

    And I wonder… Do you ever forget one of your kids birthdays? My mom forgot my one year and she only had 4 at that time.

  3. I still remember when she was 1 1/2-2 years old and LOVED Kelly. She would come running to him whenever we came over. Can it really be true that she is 8 now???

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