Uh, sorry folks

My computer has been freaking out lately. No, “freaking out” is incorrect. It’s more like my computer has been having seizures. It doesn’t like the internet most of the time. But then sometimes, it will let me get on the internet for a day or two. But then for five days it won’t. Mister, with all his computer savvy tried to remedy my problem. But eventually I just got The Shrug and an “I don’t know what you did to it.” Like I would ever do anything to jeopardize my relationship with the interwebs! I’m like a crack whore who can’t get her pipe to work.

I’ve been relying on my iphone to get the most vital info (like tweets from Nathan Fillion). But my blog has been sorely neglected. I even lowered myself enough to try to blog from my kids’ computer. But that requires me to sit at a desk (horrors!). Plus all my photos are on my laptop so I’m rather helpless, you see. And then I have kids sitting next to me the entire time demanding they use their computer for doing vital things like rearranging the furniture for their various Webkinz. Can you believe the trials in my life?

I’ve got some great posts this week, though (if the internet gods can be appeased), including my adventures in making crackers (for real. That’s not some euphamism), What else we do in Austin (alcohol-free version), and the amazing plan to keep my kids occupied this summer.

Stay tuned.

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4 thoughts on “Uh, sorry folks

  1. yeah, no computer. That sucks! Good luck getting it fixed!
    Love the "What did you do to it?" husband comment. classic.

  2. I feel for you! My internet goes kaflooey when a mosquito sneezes. Really irks me too. I hope you get everything sorted out and are back online soon!

  3. (Low, self satisfied chuckle) Isn't this your 4th MAC in 3 years? My PC is still working without problems in it's 6th year.

    Yeah, but your MAC is prettier than my ugly, black Dell. (BLACK! Don't they have any women on their design teams? Don't the men ever recognize DUST???)

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