I’ve been sampling lots of chocolate lately (for purely scientific reasons, of course), and I decided out of my sense of duty to you, lovely reader(s?), that I’d start giving you some of my reviews. You know, because I care and want only the best chocolate for you. My source… Read More

You’ll thank me for this

Hmm, no you might actually curse me.  But tell you, I must.  Costco now carries the most delicious candy ever: chocolate caramel macadamia clusters. I love chocolate.  I love caramel.  I love macadamia nuts (well, all nuts really. Except walnuts which make my tongue swell.) I was foreordained to love… Read More

Heaven help me . . .

. . . because Jenna, the perky little Brownie from around the corner, came by this week toting her little wagon of sin (otherwise known as Girl Scout Cookies). Jenna: Hi Mrs. W, I’m selling Girl Scout cookies. You’re my first customer! Me: Hi Jenna. Unfortunately there’s this thing for… Read More


Biscuits are my holy grail; the thing I’ve wanted to make perfectly for years.  Decades, actually. I grew up with Bisquik biscuits which are better than those nasty things from a can, but not by much.  I’ve spent the last year trying to find the perfect recipe.  Cook’s Illustrated can… Read More

I scream

I love my treats.  Oh yes I do.  But ice cream has never been one of my favorites.  It’s fine, but a total waste of calories, if you ask me.  I’d rather have a cookie any day. A couple of weeks ago I took the babies to our weekly playgroup.… Read More

I have a teenager!

I’m completely shocked that I can be the mother of a teenager! Yesterday was India’s 13th birthday. How did that happen? She’s a very young 13–no teenage snottiness or histrionics. (How young is she? She asked for, and received, dragon legos. Legos!) Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she stays… Read More

Boiled icing

Here’s the recipe for the boiled icing I used on my cake yesterday. It is incredibly easy, but it takes about 15 minutes to make. You should try making it at least once in your life! This makes a lot of icing. Perfect for a three or four layer cake.… Read More

Fun times

I had the most exciting thing happen last night.  It’s exciting for me, but not so thrilling for you.  OK, let me backtrack. A few days ago I saw the most wonderful cake in a magazine.  This cake looked so good, but I couldn’t think of an excuse to make… Read More

Hooray for the package guy

The package guy (AKA the UPS/ Fedex man) was most bounteous yesterday. I received not one, but two packages. Not just ordinary packages either. Packages full of food. Free food! A couple of weeks ago I bought a jar of salsa at SuperTarget and the lid just didn’t seem to… Read More