Heaven help me . . .

. . . because Jenna, the perky little Brownie from around the corner, came by this week toting her little wagon of sin (otherwise known as Girl Scout Cookies).

Jenna: Hi Mrs. W, I’m selling Girl Scout cookies. You’re my first customer!

Me: Hi Jenna. Unfortunately there’s this thing for grown-ups called Weight Watchers.

Jenna: [looking confused]

Me: I’m on a diet!

Jenna: Oh, we have some new lowfat cinnamon cookies.

Me: Ok, I’ll take a box of those.

[Pay Jenna $3.50. She starts to wheel her wagon away.]

Me: Wait!!! [Chase Jenna down the driveway.] I’ll also have four boxes of Thin Mints, three boxes of Tagalongs and three boxes of Samoas.

These will be the undoing of me.

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6 thoughts on “Heaven help me . . .

  1. This made me laugh since this is totally something that I would do! I was a girl scout so I feel like i have to support all of the ones I see. Unfortunatley, my pants can’t take all of my support! I am still a little sad that they changed the name of samoas to caramel delights. they aren’t as good!

  2. If it weren’t an insult to Tagalongs, I’d just tell you to put them in the freezer for later. But since it is, just freeze the thin mints and eat the TAgalongs all at once. Maybe the massive amount of calories will throw off your metabolism enough that it will make you lose weight.

  3. Sucker! I did the same thing, only I never had the first phase of buying only one box. I managed to keep my purchase to eight boxes though.

  4. I too was coaxed into buying just a few boxes the other day when I came out of the store, tricky little girls. That is right I made it out of the store with no extra treats, but then I found myself totally unable to turn down the girl scouts. I sure do love cookies.

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