Happy Birthday Oreos!

March 6th marks the hundredth birthday of Oreo cookies. They are very special to me because they’re the only store-bought cookie that I like (I am the snobbiest of cookie snobs).  Every time I eat one I think, “boy, I forgot how good these are!” Did you know that they… Read More

How to Make Amazing Cinnamon Rolls

At some point in every woman’s life, there will be a yearning to make cinnamon rolls. (OK, probably every American woman. I can’t imagine some Chinese lady in a rice paddy standing up one day and thinking “I would like to make a sweet bread I’ve never heard of.” Or… Read More

How to Make Perfect Snickerdoodles

I’m going to start a feature called Friday Favorites. I’ll be posting some of my old recipes and posts on Fridays. O.K. basically it’s reruns. But maybe it’s new to you!  Maybe you didn’t know who I was back when I posted my Snickerdoodle tutorial the first time.  It was… Read More

Homemade Wheat Thin Crackers

I spent several months on the Paleo bandwagon and I just decided that it’s not the way I want to feed my family. While many people have an intolerance to gluten, we don’t. I also strongly feel that wheat and grains are an important and wholesome part of our diet.… Read More

Sparkly Colored Oreos

Colored Oreos are an adorable party treat. Think of the theme possibilities! Pink and purple for a princess party. Red and blue for a Superman party. Light blue and brown for a boy baby shower. Green for St. Patrick’s Day. Oooh, my imagination is running wild! These are white chocolate… Read More

Cake in a Jar

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! In the past some Room Moms have turned it into more of a Parent Extortion Week with requests for gift cards and hardcover books, but this year we’re keeping it simple. My kids will be doing thank you notes and these lovelies: Red Velvet cake in… Read More

The Rainbow Party

Because I have about a million kids I don’t do birthday parties very often. We have birthdays just about every month from December-June and I get pretty birthday-ed out. Plus it’s really expensive. Poor little Adelaide turned six this year and has never had a party so we figured it… Read More