How To Eat a Cupcake (the Tidy Way)

Cupcakes are a bit of a pain to eat. It seems like they would be great since they are small and portable. But there’s the whole issue of the frosting getting all over your lips; or all over your face if you are enthusiastic cupcake consumer.  So for How-To Tuesday I will be showing you how to eat a cupcake in the tidiest way possible.

I happen to be in New York City at this moment (with my iphone for a camera. And dismal lighting.) so I’m doing a tutorial with what’s on hand. And what’s on hand is cupcakes. Particularly from Amy’s Breads.  I will be happy when this whole cupcake craze is over because I find cupcakes the least satisfying of baked goods.  I’ve never bitten into a cupcake andnot been disappointed. The texture of the cake is never right. I think cupcakes need a little heft and firmness. To add insult to injury, cupcakes are then topped with a small mountain of frosting made from (horrors) shortening. So vile.  But as long as there are children with birthdays, we will be eating cupcakes.

Here is step one: Obtain your cupcake. Today I have Red Velvet. Does anyone not like Red Velvet cake?



Step two: Remove the wrapper. Duh.



Step three: break the cupcake in half. No need to be exact here.



Step four: Flip the bottom layer upside-down and place it on top of the cupcake. You have now made a cupcake sandwich with the messy icing in the middle. It will likely squish out when you take a bite, but a quick dab with a napkin will set things right. Much better than icing smeared on your lips which nobody tells you about the rest of the day.



Step five: Enjoy your cupcake!


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16 thoughts on “How To Eat a Cupcake (the Tidy Way)

  1. I have always considered a cupcake a “two bite” treat. Now, with this new technique, I could probably knock it down in one. Thanks! (BTW, is that Chelsea Market?)

  2. What a COOL idea! However did you come up with it? I will now have less horror of cupcakes, and much less mess. I totally agree, cupcakes are less satisfying than almost any other dessert. For one thing, there isn’t enough! And then there is too much frosting.

    Whatever happened to “Makeup Monday?” Did we run out of places to make up and products to do it with? How about fingernails? You have a lock on that one! And if you haven’t yet considered how to hide spots and veins on the chest above a scoop neckline, you will soon, Cookie!

  3. Ack! I thought we were the only people who ate cupcakes this way! I am going to have to show this post to my husband, as it is our thing that we do that everyone else thinks is weird.

  4. I wonder if you are still in NY? I enjoyed your post, as always. You were so close to me! If you are still there, I could be there in a couple of hours!

  5. How funny, my family has been eating cupcakes this way for as long as I can remember! I think they even showed this once on an episode of Cake Boss too. Love it!

  6. How is it that I have lived 30-something years and never thought of doing that??? But I do have to say I love the frosting to cake ratio of cupcakes. And my problem with them is more the crumbs than the frosting. But I will definitely try this. It can’t hurt.

    p.s. Have I ever given you my lemon cupcake recipe? Because they have a lot of heft and body. They are divine. And the frosting is made with butter, not shortning. Let me know.

  7. My whole life, that is how I have eaten every cupcake that I can remember. It is the perfect solution! And if you have to eat a cupcake (cookies are my personal baked good of choice!), it is the only way to do it. Bon appetit !

  8. I am going to hook this up to my business site. Everyone still wants to have those at weddings much to my dismay. B/c it’s always messy. But, this may be the solution for me as a wedding planner. Maybe I will welcome them back with open arms.

  9. A fellow teacher once taught me to eat cupcakes this way – so great when in school the kids are always bringing in cupcakes! You don’t make a mess at your desk!

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