Oatmeal Cookies!

In honor of our item of the week (Oats! Buy some now!) let’s make some oatmeal cookies! This recipe is my favorite Oatmeal recipe ever. First of all let’s talk about oats; they come in Regular (also called Rolled) and Quick. The only difference is that Quick oats are rolled… Read More

Fess-up Friday–Pig out edition

Every year on my birthday I like to pig out. I plan the whole day around all the glorious food I will eat. I have to narrow my restaurants down to two choices (lunch and dinner. Breakfast is, of course, bacon, cookies and candy). I just love eating delicious food… Read More

Braided Herb Bread

In honor of this week’s preparedness item–flour–I’m going to show you how to make one of my family’s favorite foods, Braided Herb Bread. It’s a lovely white bread chock full of savory herbs. I think it’s especially good with soup or a hearty salad. If you are already thinking that… Read More

Halloween Candy: A Scholarly Treatise

The appeal of Halloween is easy to see. It revolves around one of the most magical themes of childhood: free candy. I had a slavish, almost pathological devotion to sweets growing up. It drove me insane, INSANE, to watch my sister parcel out her Halloween candy stash. She would eat… Read More

Hobby Week–Baking

Hmmm, Hobby Week was a little sparse. Maybe I should make this Hobby Fortnight. One of my hobbies is not putting pictures in my blog. It takes such a loooong time (say this in a whiny voice). It’s such haaaaard work. I tend to really procrastinate when I’m working on… Read More

Rainbow Cupcakes

I’ve been devoting all morning to these. They are totally not worth the effort, by the way (but let’s hope the third graders in Arabella’s class appreciate them.) In case you’re super insane and want to make these, here is the easiest way to do it: –make a white cake… Read More

It’s not too late

I know I should have given you fair warning, but I’m just now getting around to reminding you that today is National Ice Cream Day. I, of course, planned ahead and bought a pint of Haagen Dasz Reserve (I take my National Days of Observation very seriously, folks.) Instead of… Read More

Sugar, my love

I haven’t wanted to say anything about this before, because I thought if I mentioned it I would fall off the wagon (kind of like the boy who cried wolf), but I’ve been off sugar for about four weeks now.  If you’ve learned anything about me it’s that sugar is… Read More

We’re all snobs about something

A month or two ago I was trying to find the recipe for a “cookie cake” for York’s birthday. I had no idea what it might be (it turns out it’s just a giant cookie.  Why people throw the word “cake” in there is a mystery.  If it were simply… Read More