Sugar, my love

I haven’t wanted to say anything about this before, because I thought if I mentioned it I would fall off the wagon (kind of like the boy who cried wolf), but I’ve been off sugar for about four weeks now.  If you’ve learned anything about me it’s that sugar is a huge part of my life. As a matter of fact I would call it a part of my actual being.  Like sarcasm or humor at inappropriate times. But my weight loss has been at a standstill for quite some time and I have had to face facts: sugar and I are not the best of friends anymore.  Nor am I friends with the deep fryer. (Unless things are fried in Olestra.  I don’t care what that stuff is, I love it. So what if it give me the runs.  That’s a bonus in my book!)  

I actually promised God that I would not eat sweets or fried foods until my birthday (This Friday!  Mark your calendars!)  And I’ve been pretty good. Really good as a matter of fact.  I’ve lost at least one pound per week. Even though I fell off the wagon on Saturday at the Round Top Antiques Fair.  I mean who could say no to this bit o’ Texas?*

(That’s me with my friend Jay from Utah who was in Texas last week. We met up at the antiques fair and had a rip roaring good time as only mothers who are spending the whole day without children can.)

This is how dedicated I am:  I have had $70 worth of Easter candy sitting in my closet for two weeks.  I haven’t eaten a single piece. I haven’t even opened a bag and inhaled. 

I’m impressing myself tremendoulsy.

*Funnel Cakes make me weak in the knees. But only if they have cinnamon. Powdered sugar is a joke. FYI, the funnel cakes at the Utah State Fair do not come with cinnamon sugar. I may or may not have brought my own ziploc full of it to the fair each year.

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9 thoughts on “Sugar, my love

  1. Congrats! This is no easy task! For me it is bread – even white bread made into little balls that you pop in your mouth – and fried anything – maybe even the bread – with gravy. Ok, i ll stop.

    My husband is severely into sugar, but every time he gives it up i think he eats twice as much!

    Really good job!

  2. Wow that is really super impressive.

    Are you gonna stay away from the fat and sugar for good now that you’ve come so far or do you have plans for binge eating in the near future to make up for it.

  3. WTG Jennie! I love sugar too, but keep my cravings at bay by just not buying very much. I do like to raid my sisters candy stash when ever I pop by her house, though.

  4. Where would I be without sugar…hmmm probably a bit healthier, but not as delightful to be around.

    Nice work on the Easter candy, I am really impressed, I think that $70 worth of Easter candy would last quite a while around here, but it would all get eaten, all of it! Unless it was the nasty kinds.

    Did you really pay $5 for a funnel cake?

  5. you’re killing me here, jennie. slowly.

    i’ve been cutting way back, too, and i haven’t been doing it long enough to see any results, so i’m trying to figure out all the reasons i SHOULDN’T be doing it.

  6. I have taken to only eating sugar-free stuff, even my cakes have 50% less sugar, but I haven’t lost a pound!!

    Can you say change of life—(sigh)

    So, good on you!

    p.s. I love me a funnel cake too!

  7. Can yo believe I have never actually HAD a funnel cake? I don’t know why. I always thought the looked good though. We’ll have to take the Minnesota state fair for spin this year and try one out. To your interest, the big buzz of the fair last year was BACON ON A STICK. DIPPED IN CHOCOLATE!!! (I just know I’ll get you to visit this state yet…)

  8. I got cinnamon sugar on my Utah State Fair funnel cake last time I went. Maybe they’re stepping up their game.

    p.s. Congrats on the weight loss. I’m still at a standstill and am worried I’ll have to do something drastic like no sugar too. UGH.

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