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Oh Boy, do I love Easter! I love the colors. I love eggs and rabbits and birds. And Jesus, of course. It’s such a cheerful, lovely holiday.  This year, though, I’m up against something new. You know I love my kids in matching outfits, right? I bought cute striped polo shirts for the boys, and matching striped dresses for the girls to wear on Easter this year.  It was quite a coup to find all those matching clothes in such a wide variety of sizes.  But then the thought occurred to me: York is 12.  And will be passing the sacrament this year.  Which means he has to wear a white shirt.  Which means he will not coordinate.  Which means I am really angry.

Ooooh well. At least they’ll all match for pictures.

Back to more important things.  Here are some fun Easter crafts. Nice and easy, just how I like ’em.

nest with eggs is one of my favorite things and this one is perfect in so many ways. It’s made from chocolate covered-pretzels (love those) and filled with peanut butter M&Ms (the best M&M there is, in case you didn’t know. These are the Easter version which are egg shaped and speckled.)

What an adorable Easter basket! Here’s the great part: it’s made out of Post-it notes. Brilliant.

Jelly Belly bracelets!  These will give candy necklaces a run for their money. Check out the tutorial here.

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6 thoughts on “Get your Easter on

  1. Those are all so cute! I’m guessing the post-it note basket doesn’t hold much, but it’s nice to look at.

  2. These are really cute! My girls will go wild over the jelly belly bracelets. PB m&ms pretty much are sent from heaven.
    (In google reader your birthday post showed up today, so I'm sure thats a bit of the confusion, although it's not here on your actual blog).

  3. those are some really fun crafts, I guess that you will be keeping your kids busy for the few days that they are all around the house.

    I think that those bracelets are such a great idea, I may make one for me to snack on for church.

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