Adelaidy bug

My baby doll is four today!  Hard to believe that four years ago I was in labor*.  She’s a spitfire and a charmer.  Baby Ada, we love you!

(With her cousin Ellen W.)

*She was my one try with natural childbirth and it was not the lovely experience that everyone described.  It was wretched.  It hurt so badly I couldn’t even open my eyes to look at her. I went back to the epidural for Jasper. I much prefer birth being a happy, cheerful event.

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9 thoughts on “Adelaidy bug

  1. Wow. She is definately a product of you and Mister. (So happy I’ve never had the urge “to know for myself” what natural childbirth is like. My “late-blooming” epidural was enough for me.)

  2. oooh, she’s adorable! Happy Birthday sweet Adelaide!

    p.s. and did you steal my mojo? ’cause it’s gone, baby gone!

  3. I love that little goose girl. She is a fun one. <3 It's been fun having her in my class.

  4. What a cute bug she is! I remember Sue H. coming over and saying she was the most beautiful baby she had ever seen! She is still adorable and looks like she has so much personality. Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Adelaide!

  5. I agree about the epidural—you have plenty of time to be annoyed as a mother, why kill yourself during the labor?

    Happy Birthday—-she is beautiful!

  6. Look how fun the week at your house must be, Ada’s birthday and then yours and then just to top it all off a little sweet fest I like to call Easter. I bet that you just party from one day to the next, a little like college.

  7. She is such a beautiful child. I can’t wait for her to come and visit and spend time with her best friend cousin. Happy Birthday!

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