Here there be monsters

Finn:  “York told me that there’s a  Chupacabra in the scriptures.” 

Me: “Realllllly.  I don’t recall reading that part.”
Finn: “Wait, maybe it’s a Kraken that’s in the scriptures.”   
Me: “Still not ringing a bell.”  
Finn: “A unicorn?”
Me: “Sounds like you and your brother need to go to Sunday School twice a week.”
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9 thoughts on “Here there be monsters

  1. Maybe next time you should tell them to find that for you so that you can see too. So will you be teaching that second session of Sunday school each week?

  2. Maybe he’s thinking of all the bazaar beasts in Revelations: A dragon with 7 necks and 10 heads, each with fire coming out of their mouths? How about the chariots that roar like lions with the face and flowing hair of a woman, but the sting of a scorpion (Jet planes with pilots and contrails, shooting missiles, maybe?) How about the giant lumbering beasts that shoot fire from their mouths and also from their tails (tanks, maybe?) Well, what would John have called such things if he’d never imagined a jet fighter or a tank before, but saw them in vision? There’s tons of monsters described in gory detail in Revelations of John. Tell Finn I’ll find them all and read them to him when I get there.


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