Fess-up Friday–Pig out edition

Every year on my birthday I like to pig out. I plan the whole day around all the glorious food I will eat. I have to narrow my restaurants down to two choices (lunch and dinner. Breakfast is, of course, bacon, cookies and candy).

I just love eating delicious food until I’m stuffed. It is magnificent (unlike stuffing yourself with bad food which just makes you feel disgusting and putrid).

My favorite pig out foods are as follows:

Caramel Macadamia Clusters from Kirkland (Costco). Super soft caramel, nuts, a touch of salt and milk chocolate. They come in a huge, ugly plastic container for about $10. And I can eat the whole thing. Not exaggerating.

Peanut Butter M&Ms. The first ingredient in these is Heaven. Literally. They actually contain bits of Heaven. The second ingredient is crack. Or meth. Whichever is more addictive. The first time you eat them you’re like, “hmmm, these are good.” The second time you’re like, “why can’t I stop eating these?” The third time you ponder how many bags it would take to fill up a swimming pool with them and dive into it.

Chips and salsa from Chuy’s (I’m so picky about salsa. This salsa is heavy on lime and cilantro. YUM! Chuy’s is a great Tex-Mex restaurant here in Austin). If I have room I’ll eat a meal from Chuy’s too. But the chips and salsa just thrill me to my toes.

If you’re going to pig out, what’s your food of choice?

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4 thoughts on “Fess-up Friday–Pig out edition

  1. Sees Candy. Like, an entire TWO pound box. I could go through that NO PROBLEM. Then there's artichokes. Strange I know, but I have a thing for steamed artichokes dipped in butter.

    And an ice cold Coca Cola mixed just right.

    I can't wait for this dang cruise. I'm going to gain all the weight I've lost in 4 months back in 4 days.

  2. Have you tried Nutella? I could eat the entire jar! Seriously…it is THAT good!

    I have a fun giveaway going at my blog! Head over to enter…I need more entries! Have a great week!

  3. You are SO WEIRD. I can't believe the things that are on your list. With the exception of PB M&Ms,oh, and bacon, none of that would even make it to my top 20!

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