Item of the Week–Oats

As far as I know Oats are a grain that nobody is allergic to. This gluten thing has got me scratching my head, but oats are a safe bet for all, right? Oats are so filling and so hearty, they are just a great item to have around. Plus, cookies! Oatmeal cookies are healthy and good for you! It doesn’t matter if they are brimming with chocolate chips and sugar. They are health food! (OK, not really, but I guess they have more fiber than other cookies, so that’s something.)

You need to get 1/2-1 canister of oats per person. I know there are some people who don’t like oatmeal (wierdos!), so you be the judge. Whether you get quick or regular oats is also up to you. I generally get some of each. The big difference is that quick oats are thinner and smaller pieces so that they cook faster. Get it? But regular rolled oats are the kind that are generally used in cookies.(You might want to throw a pack of brown sugar into your cart this week too, just to make sure you have something tasty to put on your oats.)

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4 thoughts on “Item of the Week–Oats

  1. Ahhh oats, one of my favorites. We've got tons, so I can check that off my list.

    You'll be glad to hear that I'm heading to Costco today to finally get my sugar stock. I'll make sure to pick up some brown sugar for those cookies we'll need.

  2. This week I bought two oats, extra peanut butter, and another 25 lb bag of flour. Our Costco has Lehi roller mill flour for $7.89 for the 25 pound bag. Can't beat that!

  3. A few years ago I got some rolled oats from the cannery and then made some oatmeal out of them. IT BLEW MY MIND. It is nothing like that awful instant Quaker stuff. This was creamy, tender, flavorful, and wonderful. I think I went through a whole can in a month after that. Probably am all out now, so good reminder.

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