On my doorstep

My sister is my best friend. I hated and loathed her growing up, but once we hit high school and college all those petty issues (like her birth) seemed to not matter anymore. We love to hang out so I was very disappointed when she announced that she was pregnant and due right after my birthday. Meaning she would not be coming on my birthday cruise with me. She talked about coming down to Texas before she had the baby but it was just too expensive. Bummer.

Yesterday, I dropped my Mom off at the airport to fly to Portland to visit my brother and his wife (Hi Ben and Nicki!) I kind of meandered home via the General Store for some compost and lamp oil, and to the cake decorating shop for some green sanding sugar. Mister told me he was ordering pizza for dinner so it was no big deal if I wasn’t in the mood to cook. Super!

I had been home for an hour or so when the pizza man rang the doorbell. Only it wasn’t the pizza man. It was my brother-in-law. Holding pizzas. And as I sat there wondering why my brother-in-law was standing on my doorstep holding pizzas since he lives in Utah, my sister and her two kids jumped out and yelled “SURPRISE”.


I was flabbergasted.

Shocked beyond belief.

It is impossible to surprise me. I always figure it out. (Kim, remember when you kidnapped me for my 16th birthday and took me to Montreal? Yep, I knew. Sorry! It was still fun, though!) I’ve always been a sneaky person and we sneaky people can always spot a secret.

Until now.

Mister was acting funny all week but since I already had my 40th birthday plans all set, I figured what could he be planning? Turns out I got a really great gift a little bit early. (Although it is totally throwing my plans off for redecorating the girls’ bedroom this weekend. Very pregnant sisters are not terribly helpful.)And instead of getting ready for Ada’s birthday party tomorrow we kept the kids home from school and went to Sea World. But I’m certainly not complaining!

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4 thoughts on “On my doorstep

  1. That is so awesome! Kudos to Mister and Sister! A week with her and then me, how much better could this 40th GET?!!!!

  2. How exciting! Except that I would rather not be surprised, personally. I like to plan those things. How fun to have them visiting!

  3. What, no picture of the whale? And I don't mean Shamu.
    p.s. Yes, I am actually this far behind on your blog. Don't even ask how far behind I am on everyone else's. it's shameful.

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