You’ll thank me for this

Hmm, no you might actually curse me.  But tell you, I must.  Costco now carries the most delicious candy ever: chocolate caramel macadamia clusters. I love chocolate.  I love caramel.  I love macadamia nuts (well, all nuts really. Except walnuts which make my tongue swell.) I was foreordained to love these.  

Mister bought me these for Valentine’s Day (nothing is more romantic than candy in a big plastic bin!), but I begged him yesterday to let me have a couple a few days early.  They are divine.  The caramel is toothsome, yet supple.  The macadamia nuts are salted. Salted! I love salty with my sweet! The chocolate melts right away (as you can tell by the giant smudge on my pillow), so you know it’s nice quality. (Sorry Arianne, that’s milk chocolate.)

Have I convinced you yet? Just make sure that you have a family member hide them. Because once you taste a cluster it will be all over. 

(I’ll be sending these to the top ten people in Tiburon’s Biggest Loser Group in order to increase my chances of winning.)

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7 thoughts on “You’ll thank me for this

  1. my cousin actually just told me about these. she actually blogged about them in detail about how good they are. i think a trip to costco is in my future!

  2. Have you tried the dark chocolate/pomegranate concoctions they have going at Costco? I’m normally not into mixing my cocoa with fruit (okay, well, yes on strawberries) but these things are amazing….


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