Love, loss and goodies

Right now my heart is feeling heavy like a sponge left in the bottom of the tub after a bath. I just finished reading On Agate Hill by Lee Smith. It was lovely and haunting and wonderful and sad. I bought it instead of checking it out from the library.  I’m so glad I did.  I’ll have to read it again in a few months once I’ve recovered.

Also, if you are my family’s Secret Valentine, thank you so much for the cake. You should have heard the squeals of joy (mine were loudest). Lemon raspberry is one of my absolute favorites.

(I dropped something off for my Secret Valentine and was accosted by the neighborhood watch lady who was convinced that I was some sort of thief.  Even though I tried to tell her that I was only delivering goodies, she demanded that I give her some for her dog to eat as proof of my innocence. Crazy woman. Naturally I refused because I’m not about to waste homemade treats on a dog. Which only made me look guiltier.)

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5 thoughts on “Love, loss and goodies

  1. What the neighborhood watch lady actually confronted you about being a thief? I didn’t think that people really did anything when it was their turn to “watch”.

    As for the secret Valentine thing, feel free to visit our home anytime, goodies are always welcome, and we don’t have a watchlady.

  2. I saw the lady writing down my license plate number, so I rolled down the window to try to explain the situation. I should have let her call the cops and look like a complete imbecile when I explained the whole situation.

  3. Are you serious??? She actually demanded that you give her dog some of your treats??? What does that prove? I’m so sure. LIke most theives run around with plates of treats in their hands. Now you have to give some to her dog? That’s just crazy.

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