Facebook, how I dislike you

I swear Facebook will be the death of me!  I keep thinking that I’m writing private messages, only to have them slapped right up on the main page. And they can be a bit gossipy.  And a little on the snotty side.  I’d better just keep everything pleasant and superficial before I alienate everyone. Including Gino, this kid I went to elementary school with, who wants to be my friend. How in the world did he find me?  My maiden name couldn’t be more common. As a matter of fact, there is a girl in my ward with my maiden name. It’s a little weird. (She spells it Jeni, though.)

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6 thoughts on “Facebook, how I dislike you

  1. Hey—I need to find you on Facebook, so you can tell me some gossip—I have no one to tell it to, so you can feel free to go off, if you like!

  2. Yes, Gino D’Aloisio! He looks like a thug, although he was a sweet kid in elementary school. But Jeffrey Dahmer probably was too.

  3. I had Jared block facebook a while back, not knowing what it was. At my sisters funeral I saw all these people I hadn’t seen in ages and they all told me they were on face book. I am deliberating whether I want to cross that divide. There are a few lost souls from all my moving I’d like to find. And probably many more I wouldn’t… Sooo, who’d you get yourself in trouble with?

  4. I was just having this little conversation with James the other day. The things that I love and hate about Facebook. Do you really have to friend all the kids from the early childhood days? Well I certainly have not and I am looking more and more like a jerk as I whittle and weed out the people that I just don’t care to reconnect with. As for the comments, you know that you can make a lot of those for only certain people to see. So who have you been snotty to on facebook?

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