Hobby Week–Embroidery FAIL

Lest you think that I am very gifted in the homemaker arts, let me tell you about embroidery. I got very jazzed a couple of years ago about all the darling stuff I could embroider. I even blogged about it here. Shortly thereafter I started embroidering a dish towel (or… Read More

Hobby Week–Baking

Hmmm, Hobby Week was a little sparse. Maybe I should make this Hobby Fortnight. One of my hobbies is not putting pictures in my blog. It takes such a loooong time (say this in a whiny voice). It’s such haaaaard work. I tend to really procrastinate when I’m working on… Read More

Hobby Week–Knitting

Ten years ago I begged my friend Nancy to show me how to knit. I learned the very basics and started knitting this hideous thing: It’s a bandage for people with leprosy. Not joking. Our church sent them to lepers in very poor parts of the world. Making leprosy bandages… Read More

Hobby Week–Sewing

I have decided that this week shall be Hobby Week here at Beehive and Birdsnest. I like to collect hobbies which isn’t surprising considering I was born to two people who always had some “thing” that they were into. My dad leaned toward things that go. He was on the… Read More

The Creative Connection

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to attend The Creative Connection in Minneapolis. One of the Sponsors was Lark Crafts, a publisher of lovely craft books. Lark sponsored a contest featuring a prize of an all-expense paid trip to The Creative Connection. To enter I had to submit an… Read More

My, that’s a cute skirt

I fell in love with a skirt that I saw on Dana’s blog (she is mightily creative and a fellow Austinite).  It’s for a little girl, but I altered the pattern and made one for myself.   I don’t know why I like sewing when most of the time it ends… Read More

Gingerbread land

I can’t quite seem to get the Christmas decorations out, but I don’t want to deprive my children of their holiday fun, so we broke out the gingerbread house kits over the weekend. I have too many children to decorate a single house without a war ensuing, so we usually… Read More

Nifty invention

Remember to vote for me EVERY DAY so I can win that snazzy new craft desk from the Original Crafbox. (clickie here.  It takes five seconds.) And if that desk weren’t cool enough, take a look at this: It’s a combination drink holder/trash can (something this smart had to have… Read More

You’re my best friend, right?

Have you seen this desk?  It’s pretty much the coolest thing around and I want one really badly.  You have no idea how many crafting supplies I have stashed in various parts of my house.  Wouldn’t it be nice to put them all in one place? Well, there is a… Read More

Go ahead, nag me

Wedding season is closing in and I usually give aprons and cookbooks to the brides-to-be.  I like to make the aprons and I have a great new pattern to use (thanks Mom!), but I haven’t been able to get it together enough to sew.  I’m hoping that if I mention… Read More