My, that’s a cute skirt

I fell in love with a skirt that I saw on Dana’s blog (she is mightily creative and a fellow Austinite).  It’s for a little girl, but I altered the pattern and made one for myself.  

I don’t know why I like sewing when most of the time it ends up frustrating me to no end. My mom had to pull me back from the edge this time–I was about to cut the skirt up with a pair of scissors.  But it all ended up well.  I love it!  (please pardon the psychedelic tights–fishnets look good in real life but don’t photograph well.)

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13 thoughts on “My, that’s a cute skirt

  1. Cute skirt. It looks like the lining of a can-can skirt. Any chance you'll be kicking up those goregous gams?

  2. I love it! I have been wanting to make one too. Interested in sharing your alterations with me? The shoes that the tights are fabulous.

  3. i had seen this skirt on that blog also and loved it, but was not smart enough to figure out how to make one for myself so i'm very impressed! it looks amazing.

  4. Jennie that looks so great! I am glad that you found the perfect fabric, and that you didn't end up cutting up the whole thing. I love it.

    Ever since you showed me that skirt I have been dreaming about one for Gwen, now having seen this one that you made for yourself, I think that it would be more important for me to have one. Congrats on the finished product it really turned out fantastic.

  5. i think that you should make one for me too…seeing as how you already know how to do it. 🙂 what do you think about that?? really, it is super cute!

  6. Are you going can-can-ing or something? Those shoes, those tights, and that skirt remind me of the moulin rouge! (In a really cute way, of course).

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