Texas: the new Greenland

I know those of you in other parts of the country are rolling your eyes, but can I please get a shred of sympathy?

It’s 16 degrees right now!
In Texas.
We have no gloves.  We have no puffy coats.  I can barely find two socks.
There are just some things I expect from this climate:
Sixty days of temps over 100º? I guess so.
Weather like Minnesota? Never, ever, ever.
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7 thoughts on “Texas: the new Greenland

  1. I do have sympathy for you, even if it was 15 BELOW here in Minnesota this AM. At least we didn't have to have a single day over 94 the entire rest of the year, you get the worst of both worlds. Keep your chin up, maybe they'll cancel church!

  2. Hey, I'm in Utah and I would still freak out over 16 degrees! Glad we didnt' come visit you in January! And tell TExas it has a month to warm up. SIGNIFICANTLY.

  3. All part of GLOBAL WARMING!

    I recently read that in the 1970s scientists were predicting a coming ice age. In other words, nobody knows anything!

    I'm personally voting for the Millenium!

  4. AMEN!!!

    I froze my patootie off and had NO idea that the sprinklers in our new house were still on a timer.

    There was ice ALL over our walk and I walked outside and fell down the stairs!

    Welcome to Texas!!!

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