Here are some small but important things that have been on my mind lately:

Get swimsuits in the early spring and pay full price.  Sadly, I have ignored this good advice in the past and have paid for it come June. It’s a hard pill to swallow for a deal-lover like me (I hate paying full-price for anything).  After several years I have realized that the best swimsuits (and all rash guards) are gone by April (even in cold climates.  Go figure!) and nothing goes on sale til the end of the summer anyway.  So just buck up and buy the dang suit now, Jennie!  (It pains me to say this, but if you swim a lot you’ll need at least two suits–even so they’ll probably be a wreck by the end of the summer; all elasticity gone and faded into oblivion.)

Whoever said that nothing tastes as good as being thin feels must not have been eating very good food.


My sister is coming to visit me in a month. I can’t even tell you how excited I am. She’s pretty much my best friend ever.

Kids can’t just give cards for Valentine’s Day.  There must also be a gift or candy.  This is advice for all you Moms who are just about to send your eldest child off to preschool/kindergarten.  It’s not like it was when we were kids.  You have to include a little something extra.  I don’t condone this sort of thing, mind you.  Why has every holiday turned into a giant sugar-fest?   Nobody told me this when I sent India off to her first preschool Valentine’s party and I felt like a clueless idiot.  I’m sure nobody noticed but me, but I still think about it eleven years later.

I really don’t like quilts.  In theory quilts should appeal to me (lots of different patterns; kind of a homey old-fashioned feel) but no.  There are some gorgeous quilts out there, don’t get me wrong.   I admire the artistry and time that goes into them. But as far as having them in my house? Nope. I do not like them one single bit.  As a matter of fact I actually dislike them.  I feel bad about this. 

My dishwasher keeps dying, but due to sheer will and positive thinking I’ve managed to resuscitate it yet again. This last time it quit for two whole weeks. Washing dishes by hand is a nasty job that never ends. I hate it more than anything. Good thing I have big children that I can boss around.

Dillards has a great selection of pajamas.  Today I went on a search for some new PJ’s and was pleased to find several that fit my criteria and they were cute  (You might remember my slight paranoia about house fires and me having to stand on the street watching mine go up in flames while dressed in ugly pajamas or even worse–my unders!) I was very baffled, though, to see so many nightgowns.  Who wears those?  They drive me berserk getting all twisted around me as I sleep.

I just paid off my credit card.  Then I put it in the freezer in a big container of water.  If you need to resort to such drastic and pathetic measures, make sure to put masking tape over the numbers first. Ice is clear and if you can see the numbers you can still buy things online.

This T shirt made me laugh really hard.  Not actually, because I’m kind of a silent laugher, but I laughed really hard on the inside. Plus, I kind of look down on vegetarians and think they’re chumps.  Not you, though, if you’re a vegetarian.  I mean the other vegetarians.

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  1. I agree with you about swimsuits, and I think your aversion to quilts and vegetarians is hilarious and endearing.

    I'm excited for you to have your sister visit. That sounds delightful!

    And one more thing–I miss Dillards.

  2. we must have had the same dream because i was just about to post that same line on my blog and then read yours. – nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. That person obviously hasn't tasted bacon.

    but, fitting back into my pre-preganancy clothes might feel a little better than most things taste right now.

  3. That shirt is great. So does this mean that you have already purchased multiple swimsuits for yourself and your kids? And where have you been shopping for them this year?

    I think that is really exciting that your sister/best friend/blogger buddy will be coming to stay with you, I know that you two will find lots of fun things to do.

  4. Every year in the summer I get complements on my girls suits and I have to tell everyone that I bought them back in February- totally true, you have to shop early. I am beginning to realize that we think a lot alike, Ditto on everything except when my dishwasher died a while ago and I went out and purchased a new one that afternoon- you have more patience than me!!!

  5. I finally bought swimmers (don't call 'em swimsuits in Oz!) as the climate here means you can swim all year. Except in the ocean – there's stingers Sept-May. Got the togs (swimmers) on special, so happy about that!

    Meat is murder! Tasty, tasty murder.


  6. I….

    don't like quilts either; it's my secret shame. The artistry! The work! They're not for me. The are lovely in someone else's house.

  7. You and I must have great minds because I was thinking THE EXACT SAME THING the other day about how food actually does taste better than being skinny. Not that I wouldn't love to be skinny. But being skinny will never make food taste less delicious.

    Thanks for the reminder to buy swimsuits early. Here in Utah I've also learned the hard way never to wait until the first really big snowfall in November to buy boots for the kids, because they will all be long-gone. Both of these phenomena seem very stupid to me; surely if there are ready-and-willing buyers for swimsuits in summer and boots in winter, a smart retailer could make money by selling to them? Especially when it comes to kids' clothing, a child could need a different size boot or swimsuit even just three or four months later.

    And I feel the same way about vegetarians or about anyone who excludes any delicious food group (sugar, fat, dairy, white flour, corn syrup) for anything other than scientifically-verifiable health problem such as actual allergies, diabetes, or celiac disease–rather than a trendy belief that something's bad for you. I made a snarky comment about vegans on my blog the other day and then promptly deleted it, hoping no one had seen it, because pretty much everyone I know is avoiding some food group or another. (Now I have to hope that none of my friends reads the comments on your blog.)

  8. P.S. I like nightgowns even though they bunch and twist–I guess it's just a kind of persistent denial–but I haven't been able to find nightgowns with sleeves for a few years now. I'll have to go look at Dillard's. Because the holes under the arms of the t-shirt I wear as a pajama top are getting larger and more obvious all the time.

  9. Yay! It only took 35 years for me to be your best friend! I'm super exicted too.

    I agree about quilts. I want to like them. But I just don't.

    And that Tshirt actually DID make me laugh super loud. Because it's so very very true.

    2 more weeks!!!!!

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