Oh, not this again!

I gave up caffeine last week.  Mountain Dew and I were getting a little too carried away in our torrid affair.  We just need some time apart.  You know how it is.

Here’s the funny thing, though; it’s totally not a big deal, this giving up caffeine.  Do you want to know how to make giving up caffeine not a big deal?

Give up sugar at the same time.

Sugar will be calling you, beckoning you all day long and even filling your dreams.

Suddenly the lack of caffeine will seem completely unimportant.

P.S. This no-sugar insanity will only be lasting til mid-March.  (I need to give myself a time frame or else I’ll go batty. I may try to go longer, but I have to have the end in mind.)

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13 thoughts on “Oh, not this again!

  1. Wow! No sugar would kill me, but I would probably feel tons better. I do keep all candy out of our home, but I occasionally make cakes and cookies to fill that sugar need. Way to go my dear! I'm proud of you.

  2. This is something that I think would cause my destruction. I love a good snack or treat at night after the kids are all tucked in bed, or just in bed and jumping around.

    Over the holidays I had loads of caffeine and it was not so fun adjusting back to my usually soda free days, but I think that a life without the little treats is not the life for me. I am proud of you that you can give it up so easily.

    Way to go until March!! I will be cheering for you.

  3. Is this part of that prego-hormone diet? And after having diabetes, I can't understand why you would voluntarily give up sugar. Just not right.

    BTW, my new survival technique for this diabetes has been plenty of diet Mountain Dew. Ironic?

  4. The no caffeine and no sugar is right around the corner for me. I don't even like to think how many lbs I have put on in the past couple of months and right now I can't function without my Coke Zero, which is SO not good.

    It is going away soon…probably Tuesday…but I just can't make the break yet!

  5. No sugar at all? What? How will you manage? I don't eat sugar all through the week, but I usually give myself a treat at least once a week—-or I couldn't survive.

    I'm not worthy….

  6. all i can say is….ARE.YOU.CRAZY?? 🙂 good for you on the no sugar thing…that would be super impossible for me!

  7. Wow ~ good for you!!! I recently gave up my beloved Diet Pepsi and that was hard enough. Sugar too? I don't know. What do you do when you make all those delicious treats for your children? That is some serious self-control ~ I'm impressed!

  8. If I could only be like you sweet young things who CAN eat "just one" treat at night, (or any time!) I'd be fine. But sugar is an addition for me, and if I eat a bite, I eat a bushel! I ate my sweet way from 128 lbs to 168 lbs in two years by giving in to sugar a decade ago. Now I'm down to 141 with the NO SUGAR FOR A MONTH rule, and then one gloriously sickening day off. (except when I'm visiting Jennie)

  9. No sugar until mid march??? I think you mean until early February. My diet only lasts until I come visit you, at which time I intend to pig out. So you're going to be seriously missing out if you're still dieting.

  10. I haven't given it up yet but I have cut back. This happened when one day I realized I had drank 6 cans of cook in a single day. WHOOPS!

    For now, I'm limiting myself to 3 a day (with an occasional 4) and hoping to later cut this back to 2 a day, and who knows, maybe eventually 1 a day, or even less! (okay that may be stretching it a bit!)

    But here's where my problem lies… trying to find other drinks I like that also do not have much sugar in it. Even juice has tons of sugar in it! ack!

    I am trying to drink more water by buying flavored water but even that isn't as good as plain water, but I'm working on it… I swear 90 percent of my weight issue is due to my coke (cola) addiction.

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