Lunch duty

I went and had lunch on Friday with Finn (our school is happy to have parents come and eat with their children.  Ugh.  That means I actually have to do it sometimes or my children feel left out and neglected).   I’d been shopping at Costco so I brought him a big hot dog and a soda (and an apple!)  I was feeling guilty about the soda until I checked out the lunch of the boy sitting next to me.  I kid you not:

Capri Sun
Granola bar
Fruit roll up
Pizza Lunchables (can’t bring myself to buy these no matter how lazy I’m feeling) which included a small candy bar
No fruit.  No veg. No discernible nutrients.

I’m no health nut (if you don’t know that by now, you aren’t very observant) but I would never dream of sending my child to school with that much crap.

Can I safely say that I am a better mom than that kid’s mom?  I think so.  

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12 thoughts on “Lunch duty

  1. I hate when schools do not understand that we send the kids there to get them out of our hair part of the day. We do not miss them!

  2. I think I audibly gasped when I read this. Mostly because there has been a food discussion on my blog over the last few days about this very subject and my brain has been consumed with the thoughts of healthy eating. This poor kid is being set up for life. I would hate to see his blood pressure and cholesterol levels in 30 years.

  3. This topic is a very sore spot for me. We, as a nation, are stuffing our kids full of crap every single day and then walk around scratching our heads trying to figure out why there are so many obese children. Oy!

  4. What a good mom you are to take the time out of your free day to head down to the school for a lunch date. I am sure that when your kids are older this will be one of the many fond memories they will tell their kids about. Maybe one of the others will be how great it was to have Costco hotdogs while the other kids only had junk.

  5. Can I just take this opportunity to say that I really dread what will happen when my kids take lunches to school? I want to send a treat with them since we never got them in our lunches. but how do I ensure that they eat the nutritious stuff–the sandwich and fruit and milk? I always threw my apple out. ALWAYS. Am I destined to have the same kids as I was? Should I not bother sending an apple?

    Now to answer your question, yes, a costco hot dog, pop and apple wins over 4 kids of candy. You're a great mom!

  6. That is sad. 🙁 And you are a good mom! Costco hot dogs ROCK! ;D

    Maybe we should meet for lunch at Costco. I renewed my membership but haven't gone (except the one time to renew my membership). It was CRAZY busy and just a little too far away. Plus they didn't have half of the stuff I love from AZ.

    I need to fall in love with Costco again.

    Okay, I will stop my Costco rant now.

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