Hello Crafty

I’m a crafty gal.  Not crafty as in scrapbooking.  I just like making cool things.  And pretty things.  I’m especially inspired if I see something at a store or boutique (overpriced) and think, “I could make that!”  I love the challenge of re-creation.  I have no original ideas of my… Read More

My new bumper sticker

Going along with my crafty theme I found this fabulous bumper sticker.  Perfecto! I’m thinking of adding it to the collection on the back of my minivan.You can buy one for yourself on etsy ($3.00!  What a bargain!)  If you live near me, that will make you a big copycat,… Read More

Not getting all Martha on you

Because I was on a high from the jam-making I decided to be super domestic and make a tablecloth for my kitchen table.  It’s one of those square tables that I’m seeing more and more, but nobody makes tablecloths that size (60″ sq).   So I bought some darling polka-dotted… Read More

My afternoon (A Haiku)

Body is aching Standing on tile is painful Chop, stir, pour, boil, cool Counters are sticky Strawberries, sugar, pectin Twenty-seven jars By Hildie | Filed under Baking, Making Stuff 8 Comments Share

Les produits de beauté

I am a bit obsessive about my skin.  I cannot tell a lie, it looks good. Especially for being as old as it is.  I like to make some of my skin care products, others I buy.  The bottom line is that I have a motley assortment of bottles and… Read More