Les produits de beauté

I am a bit obsessive about my skin.  I cannot tell a lie, it looks good. Especially for being as old as it is.  I like to make some of my skin care products, others I buy.  The bottom line is that I have a motley assortment of bottles and jars around my sink and it’s been driving me crazy.  It’s hard to express how much I can’t stand ugly things.  So I got down to business and created some pretty packaging and now everything matches.  I even spent several hours trying to conquer the monster that is Adobe Illustrator in order to make some labels that I’m madly in love with.  It’s so much harder than it looks!

The two products below are my favorites. One is an Eye Salve to wear at night. It’s mostly shea butter with some aloe and avacado; so gentle and terribly moisturizing. I had some dead, dry skin under my eyes a few years ago that I could not get rid of, no matter what I tried. Not even those harsh acidy creams made a difference. I finally dug some shea butter out of my soapmaking supplies and tried it under my eyes and voila! The dry skin has disappeared for good, as have all the little lines that were beginning to form.

The other product is olive squalene. It’s an olive oil extract that is fantastic. It seems a little weird to put oil on your skin, but it’s quite light and is absorbed pretty quickly. It has excellent healing and restorative qualities, and can help with age spots and fine lines. It also is an antibiotic by nature and can calm down acne. (I know, oil + zits = bad, but olive squalene is different.) Which is why companies charge the big bucks for it ($48 for one ounce! cough, choke), but you can find it much, much cheaper through soap supply companies.  I slather it on every night and my skin feels incredible by morning.  This is especially great for dry skin, whether it’s due to climate or “maturity”.

If you beg me, I might just sell you some.

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9 thoughts on “Les produits de beauté

  1. I’ve always wonder why you look so much younger than you actually are! (Just kidding) Although I HAVE noticed that you have lovely fair skin and I just thought it was because of genes and luck. I had no idea the extent of pampering it takes to maintain such supple beauty. Your labels look awesome too!

  2. I hope you’re not teasing about selling me some, I have been aging in dog years of late.

    So impressed with the labels as well!

    P.S. Got my fat today!

  3. You seriously need to start a business because I want every single one of those. They all look so beautiful lined up like that!

  4. First of all, your bottles are absolutely beautiful! Nice job with the labels. I have some sort of aversion to taking things out of their proper packaging, so I could never do that.

    B) My skin is horrible lately! Zitty and splotchy and starting to get wrinkles! You need to be my skin card advisor, I think.

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