Somebody fetch my smelling salts

I got our electric bill for July yesterday.


That’s how much it costs to run an air conditioner non-stop in 100º weather, in case you were wondering. (Nighttime gets down to a chilly 85º, so when I say nonstop, I mean it.)

I need some solar panels pronto (Call me Kent Farnsworth!)*

*He’s my friend Kim’s husband.  He is graduating one of these days with his MS in Solar Engineering.
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11 thoughts on “Somebody fetch my smelling salts

  1. Ouch! I know how you feel…I keep our house set at “just below sweating level,” which is the temperature I can vacuum without becoming a drippy mess…

  2. Yikes. Our MN heating bill wasn’t ever that bad! (Even in -40) I’m sure it will be higher this year though. We did have a $200 water bill in July. No more sprinklers kids….

  3. i prefer the “ostrich approach” to my electric bill, which is my husband pays it and i don’t even see it, thus sticking my head in the sand and avoiding all trauma.

    it works for me.

  4. That is quite a hit to the pocketbook for sure. I thought that I would die from ours, but you beat me. I don’t know if I should congratulate you or express condolences. At least you are not sweating to death, and that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

  5. HOLY S*%T! that is so expensive. I thought ours was bad at $140, but now I see that having a swamp cooler for night must actually be a blessing.

  6. This post has me reflecting on why I’m not missing Austin too much this month. I don’t think I’ve turned our air conditioning on 3 times since we’ve moved! I love opening the windows each day and letting the breeze do it’s work.

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