Not getting all Martha on you

Because I was on a high from the jam-making I decided to be super domestic and make a tablecloth for my kitchen table.  It’s one of those square tables that I’m seeing more and more, but nobody makes tablecloths that size (60″ sq).  

So I bought some darling polka-dotted fabric (In blue and green since those are the colors of my family/dining/kitchen) and am piecing together a bigger tablecloth that will fit properly (in oilcloth to protect against marauding children).  

Long story short–although the oilcloth is dreamy to work with, it’s not behaving itself at all.  The tablecloth has been a complete bitch to make.  I’m 3/4 of the way done and it is going to look awful. I’m not quite sure how to salvage it.  That fabric was expensive too! And we still need a tablecloth. Placemats are just not cutting it.

I know what I need. Cookie dough! That will solve everything. Why didn’t I think of that sooner?

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4 thoughts on “Not getting all Martha on you

  1. I’m impressed with your ambition. Unfortunately I don’t sew, so I’m not much help. However, in my attempt to offer moral support,
    I ‘ll have some cookie dough for you today.

  2. I am really impressed that you decided that after a grueling day of making jam you just decided to take on making a tablecloth. Who does that? I personally might think ” Oh I should just make that.” But I never do it. So kudos to you for really going for it, and one can never go wrong with cookie dough. Never.

  3. That’s what you get for wanting to have a cute table cloth. Should have gone with the picnic table plaid.

    p.s. I made cookies this week from your recipe and they were the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made. Seriously.

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