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I’m a crafty gal.  Not crafty as in scrapbooking.  I just like making cool things.  And pretty things.  I’m especially inspired if I see something at a store or boutique (overpriced) and think, “I could make that!”  I love the challenge of re-creation.  I have no original ideas of my own, mind you.  Let’s just say I find my inspiration through others a lot of the time.  I love that creative learning process. I love the satisfaction of making something.  I love it!

I can feel in my bones the embroidery bug awakening.  It’s such a cute medium.  I gave India an embroidery kit last Christmas and I might just have to steal it back. Look at these darling embroidery patterns I found from a talented lady here in Austin (there are a lot of great crafters in Austin.  I’m hoping to go to the Makerfaire tomorrow since everyone who is anyone will be there.)


Here are some cutie-pie designs: (these are $3.50 per pattern set.  Embroidery thread is less than 50¢.  Embroidery hoops are $3 or $4. What a cheap hobby!  Think how much you’ve spent on scrapbooking crap over the years!  Now imagine the cute things you can make! Look at all my exclamation points!)

Here are some funky designs:  (I like the zombies for Halloween)

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2 thoughts on “Hello Crafty

  1. Cute! I learned to embroider as a kiddo, but haven’t done much with it since–you may be inspiring me!


  2. I am not crafty. The only kinds of crafts I enjoy are ones with practical value. Like making soap. Or baking. But not things that are just for admiring. I get very little joy out of creating, especially if I have to think up the creation myself. That’s one thing that you got more of from mom than I did, for sure.

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