A hairy day

The evidence: The victim: (now sporting a mullet) The perpetrator (also a victim of his own crime): Case Closed: Goodbye hair. We will miss you! By Hildie | Filed under Bad Things 16 Comments Share

Potty time

Pardon me for being a bit absentee this week but we’ve been potty training over the last few days. It dawned on me that Jasper will be starting preschool in a few weeks so we need to get down to business. I haven’t been in much of a hurry because… Read More

What’s all the flap about?

SETTING: Jennie’s house, three of the four bathrooms. ISSUE: leaky toilets. How can I have three leaky, constantly running toilets all at once? I learned many years ago that leaky toilets usually mean one thing: they need a new flapper. Installing the flapper is easy as can be, but then… Read More


UPDATE of yesterday’s post: The worst thing about being sick is not not being able to taste your food. It’s having children. Children who need things. Which is all children, especially mine. I can say, “you’re three now, Jasper, make your own Eggo!”, but we all know that isn’t about… Read More

Pass the sudafed

My body aches, I’m tired, and my nose is very stuffed up.   All I’ve wanted to eat is something delicious. So I had a piece of Jasper’s birthday cake (cherry chocolate with chocolate glaze). Only I couldn’t really taste it.  All I could taste was “sweet”. And that is… Read More

Day of reckoning

Today is one of those days of mothering penance.  A day to pay the piper. In other words, my day to chaperone Cub Scout Camp. Forecast: 99º and sunny (That’s 37º Celsius, my European friends) I have no tolerance for heat.  And direct sunlight just about kills me. Sure I… Read More

Or is it L.L. Cool J?

I noticed this ad on some site I was visiting and it caught my eye.  It’s distasteful on so many levels. Obama has asked mothers to go back to school? Really? I don’t recall hearing that anywhere. And why are we supposed to be going back to school? So we… Read More

Show me your muscles

All of my older kids are lacking in summer clothes, so we’ve been frequenting our favorite clothing shops (Old Navy and Target) for some cheap replenishment.  I’m flummoxed and perplexed by the huge number of muscle shirts available for boys.  Who is buying them?  These have always seemed the height… Read More

No more teacher’s dirty looks

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week at my kids’ elementary school.  I think teachers are great and I am ever so thankful that they agreed to do a difficult job for very little pay.  I do appreciate them.  Very much so. However, Teacher Appreciation Week is too much.   Let me just… Read More

Products I hate

These products have all found their way into my garbage can this week. My vote for the most horrid mascara of all time (in case you can’t tell, it’s by Revlon). Not only is is clumpy and globby, but imagine applying your mascara with a twig. Or with a mascara… Read More

More tales from the toilet

I got out a giant jar of jelly beans this morning which can mean only one thing:  it’s potty-training time.  I usually wait until the hapless victim is three, but Jasper seems very savvy.  Or rather, he seemed very savvy. When I was potty-training Ada last year he was into… Read More